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( TL;DR ) FOMO is Fear of Missing Out, quoting from, is a feeling or perception that others are having more fun, living better lives, or experiencing better things than you are. It’s quite easy to get FOMO’d in this era of fast-paced information in all kind of ways.

The simplest way I can cope with all kinds of things is that you don’t have to necessarily know them all — in fact, it is actually okay to have exactly no idea of what’s hype at the moment. I still listen to the same old songs ( maybe just about five or six songs in total ) and happen to know nothing of the latest release or who won what award during the recent years.

It could be hard, actually. When your coworkers or your friends or whomever it is you’re having a chat with, either they will connect with certain someone who is not you and leaving you behind in the process, or you cannot join any type of conversation because you couldn’t really understand what’s going on. Instead of calling it out as a weakness, I try to see it as a “strength”.

Okay, but how so? The thing is that you couldn’t follow everything, right? Right. So that’s the main idea. The next thing to do after that is not try to follow everything — either you will burn out pretty quickly or you won’t have time to follow what you actually like. You can’t be fake that way. The things you like may have a smaller portion of pie chart of the general population, and the community might not grow as larger as time goes, and the list goes on — but at least you like it. And it’s important to do the things you like, to follow the things you like, to like the things you like, because by following things you didn’t like just for the hype of it is a total waste of time. That’s what I call “LOMO”. Love of Missing Out ( Okay, I know, it’s a slang that I made it up myself, but language is a freedom — I also made that one up ).

You can subscribe to Channel X, and your best friend subscribe to Channel Y. Do you understand the crime drama characters that your best friend quotes from time to time? Probably not ( Unless it’s Sherlock Holmes or some sort ). But do you love the shows you watch? Probably yes. And that’s what is important to have, really. You have to miss out to not miss out. To not watch the shows you didn’t love, you save time to watch the shows you love.

“But, the shows that are hyping right now are the good ones!” said a particular someone, making a pretty good point. You can actually do it at your own terms — provided you will watch it at some point again in your life. I miss the hype train for a show called “How I Met Your Mother”, and all the awesomeness and memes and quotes of Barney Stinson back then. I’d only watch the memes and think, “Oh, this person must be really great.” All without knowing who this person really is. I started watching this show around 2020, way after the show ended. But it felt like I never missed the hype train at all. The episodes, episode after episode was a pleasant surprise for me. I’m quite astounded as to how the hell am I not getting any major spoiler for this series ever since? Besides the yellow umbrella, that is. But even that is not a spoiler. The show remained one of the best rom-com series out there, sharing the throne with the likes of “Friends” and “Gossip Girl” alike.

As a pupil of Multimedia, I know that almost all artistic works has something called “production value”, which means if the plot is good, it will remain good, years after the show itself has ended. If an art is pretty, it will remain pretty, even after dust has collect itself on it’s every corners. So don’t be afraid of missing out! The show will remain awesome after all the communities and random blogs and witty memes and quotes has gone so far in the distance. So binge your favorite shows, find new ones that you like best or the one that everybody’s been talking about, because good things never have an expiration date ( Wishing this theory will also apply to my projects, too ). Happy missing out!

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